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BJ Penn's girlfriend and SI swimsuit model Tori Paver is hot

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Note: Due to an editing error, BJ Penn was incorrectly identified as the boyfriend of model Tori Praver in the 2007 Swimsuit Issue. SI regrets the error.ÂÂ

UFC fighter BJ Penn loves Hawaii.

And, I think I know a big, blonde reason why.

"The Prodigy" dates Ford model Tori Praver, who was also born on the big island. She has appeared in magazine covers such as Cosmopolitan and Glamour.

Now, she's featured in the Sports Illustrated 2007 Swimsuit edition.

Here's what she had to say about her man:

"BJ is an ultimate fighter and my boyfriend and I love ultimate fighting and we watch it all the time. We're super into it and BJ is the best fighter out of Hawaii.... [I will spend Valentine's day] in New York City with my boyfriend, the most amazing person in the world."

Aw ... how cute.

But, I think all we really care about is this:

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