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UFC 69: Joe Stevenson vs. Roger Huerta?

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joe stevenson vs roger huerta ufc 69
It's looking like Roger Huerta's (16-1-1) lame 19-second technical knockout of John Halverson (13-5) at UFC 67 wasn't so bad after all.

Since being confirmed for UFC 69, Huerta looks to be scheduled for a showdown with The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 2 welterweight champion and top 155-pound contender Joe Stevenson (26-7).

"Daddy" was rumored to be fighting Caol Uno. However, with Uno's name now off the board entirely at, it appears that the match has fizzled.

Now, Stevenson and Huerta are the only two rumored lightweights on the card, which promises to be an extremely entertaining fight should it happen.

Steve Seivert over at Brawl Sports shares the same thinking.

Here's a snip:

Fresh off a 19-second wipeout of John Halverson at UFC 67, rising lightweight Roger Huerta has been added to UFC 69 — Shootout in Houston. He's won 12 straight fights and looked very sharp in dismantling Halverson with a brutal knee to the shoulder/neck area and taking his back with bombs to finish the drill. Huerta's UFC 69 opponent has yet to be announced, but with Joe Stevenson rumored for the show, that could be a likely scenario.

While not a lock just yet, it looks more and more likely that Stevenson and Huerta will indeed square off at UFC 69: "Shootout" in Houston, Texas, on April 7.

It would be a tough fight for Huerta — a rising star in a division loaded with them.

And, the winner of this bout would no doubt throw his name into that hat as a bonafide opponent for the winner of the Sean Sherk-Hermes Franca title bout later on this year.

Let's hope we get to see it.