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Jon Fitch: ‘I have been demoted'

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ufc 68 jon fitch
At UFC 68 on March 3, UFC welterweight contender Jon Fitch (12-2) will once again find himself in familiar territory:

No guarantee that his fight will make the pay-per-view broadcast.

In fact, in four bouts inside the Octagon fans at home have only had the opportunity to see one of them — a unanimous decision pummeling of the very game Kuniyoshi Hironaka (10-3) at UFC 64.

Despite the impressive performance, Fitch finds his next fight with Luigi Fioravanti stuck on the undercard as a potential dark match.

In a recent interview with, Fitch expressed his frustration.

Here's a snip:

"I am obviously disappointed. I feel as though I have been demoted. It hurts financially too, because sponsors don't pay as much to prelims."

However, it isn't going to stop the 170-pound standout from putting forth a great effort at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

Here's another snip:

"I am not letting it get me down though, because hell, I'm still fighting in the UFC and getting paid very well to do it. My time will come. As long as I keep handing out beat downs I will be headlining soon enough. I don't really bitch and moan about my problems. I just figure out a way to solve them. I'm not a primadonna. If I am salty about something, well then Ill just let my displeasure be known to my opponent."

It's no secret how we feel about this decision, considering that Fitch is top five in the division.

He beat a handful of tough fighters in 2006, and will most likely move onto the next level of talent in 2007 with a win at UFC 68.

Just maybe, if that happens, Fitch's next fight will be guaranteed to air.

But, at this ridiculous pace, don't hold your breath.