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Video: MSNBC ‘Warrior Nation' features UFC 66tomorrow

The fourth and final installment of "Warrior Nation" — a mixed martial arts documentary that airs on cable channel MSNBC — will air tomorrow night, February 10, at 11 p.m EST.

According to reports, thus episode will go behind-the-scenes at UFC 66, which featured the light heavyweight match up between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. In addition, the cameras follow two not-as-popular fighters, Steve Byrnes and Logan Clark, who are trying to establish names for themselves inside the Octagon.

Here's a snip from a recent UFC email:

"Viewers will see the fighters at home, while they are training, and mentally preparing for the fight of a lifetime. Warrior Nation followed the fighters for the month leading up to the fight and gained inside access at their homes, and in the gym."

Out of all the episodes in the four-part series, this is the one UFC fans don't want to miss. Don't get me wrong, all of the others were well done, but I've been waiting for this premiere since the announcement was made a month or two ago.

Here's a video trailer for the episode:

I'll let you know if and when replays are scheduled to air if you've got better things to do on a Saturday night besides watch a cable news channel.

I certainly don't ... but I never do.