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UFC 67 coverage and Dana White on 'Inside the UFC'tonite

Tonight on "Inside the UFC," cameras follow UFC President Dana White, as well as ringside announcer and host of the SpikeTV program, Joe Rogan, behind-the-scenes on a big fight night.

Here's a snip from

... Joe Rogan brings fight fans to Las Vegas for complete UFC 67 coverage. Travel with Joe as he meets with UFC fans, fighters, and the Octagon girls on fight day, and also get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to put on a UFC event with company President Dana White.

Not the usual fighter interviews we've come to expect, but it sounds like pretty cool show nonetheless.

According to the article, we'll also see "all the UFC action through the lens of world-renowned photographer Kevin Lynch."

"Inside the UFC" airs tonight — and every Thursday night/Friday morning — on SpikeTV at midnight. Don't forget that if you miss the show you can still catch it on