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Never Submit: UFC fighter Josh Koscheck to star in MMAfilm

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josh koscheck ufc welterweight
UFC welterweight contender Josh Koscheck (8-1) is out to prove he's got what it takes for the silver screen — not just car commercials — landing the role as "William" in the Imperia Entertainment mixed martial arts film called "Never Submit."

The announcement was made today in a press release, which included comments from Imperia Entertainment President, James Hergott.

Here's a snip from him:

"Over the past few months we have been auditioning fighters all over the country for 'Never Submit.' We have now auditioned over 300 fighters and actors and only a very small percentage have enough natural acting ability to be able to be in the movie. Josh Koscheck gave a great audition and I think people will be surprised with his acting ability."

Koscheck joins fellow UFC fighter Andrei Arlovski, who also scored a part in the film. UFC legend Ken Shamrock, MMA fighter Cung Lee and other fighters are also confirmed to star in "Never Submit."

Sidenote: Koscheck's only professional loss was a submission to Drew Fickett (27-5) via rear naked choke at UFC Fight Night 2 in 2005 -- a fight he was clearly winning up until being put to sleep in the waning seconds of the bout.

Here's a some background on the film:

"Never Submit" is an inspirational tale similar to "Rocky," but the lead character is an intelligent young man (as are most fighters competing in this sport) rather than a beaten-down punch-drunk fighter. An amazing cast of characters will round out this film; each from different walks of life; each with his own set of circumstances and motivating factors driving him to be the best. "Never Submit" is a metaphor describing the way these athletes live their lives.

For more info check out the official "Never Submit" Web site here.