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Joe Riggs possibly headed to WEC

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joe riggs from ufc to wec
Former UFC welterweight contender Joe Riggs (25-9) could soon fight at middleweight in the Zuffa-owned World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC), according to Dave Meltzer at

Here's a snip:

Joe Riggs has been talked with about being moved to the WEC, and moved up to
185 pounds. If so, he would likely be in the match when they create a
middleweight champion. It is not a done deal right yet.

Hmmm ... continue an unimpressive — and wildly inconsistent — run at 170 pounds in the UFC or fight for a title in the WEC?

Seems like a no-brainer if indeed the "talks" are ongoing.

A former heavyweight, "Diesel" is huge for a welterweight, cutting upwards of 30 pounds prior to his bouts. He is a more natural fit for middleweight — a division in which he has enjoyed success. However, he has made recent statements in which he is adamant that he will stay at 170.

Either way, it's hard to be too tough on Riggs, considering the level of competition he has been up against throughout his on-and-off two-year stint with the UFC.

He's dropped fights to top fighters such as Ivan Salaverry (12-4), Matt Hughes (40-5), Mike Swick (10-1) and Diego Sanchez (17-0). Riggs has also enjoyed success in the Octagon during this time, but has fallen way short of expectations.

At only 24 years old — and brimming with potential — moving over to the WEC and perhaps establishing himself as a champion could do wonders for the Arizona native.

And, if he does make the switch and continues to improve, there's no doubt that he will make it back to the UFC in the near future.

Change should do him some good -- I hope he takes Zuffa up on its offer.

Thanks to Matt over at — a newsletter subscriber — for the information.