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Georges St. Pierre talks about fighting at 185 and205

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georges st pierre ufc
UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre (13-1) will fight at middleweight (185) and light heavyweight (205) if he continues to slay 170-pound competition, according to a recent interview with

There is one stipulation, however: The current titleholder cannot be a friend or training partner.

Since I don't see Patrick Cote, David Loiseau — or any of "Rush's" training partners — beating UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva anytime soon, I don't think that will be a problem.

St. Pierre notes his constant drive for new challenges as the reason behind the revelation. And, while Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre would be an absolute dream fight, I really can't see GSP bulking up to 205.

According to the interview, he walks around at 185 pounds, meaning he'd have to pack on 20 pounds of muscle — not that easy. Neither is current 205-pound champ Chuck Liddell for that matter ...

Despite the interviewers inability to pronounce the champ's first name correctly (the "s" is silent) the clip is worth a listen. Who am I kidding? Every interview with the Canadian is worth a listen.

He also mentions that he is about 90 percent healed from his injuries thanks in large part to MMA witchdoctor Peter Goldman and the "Zone Healing" approach to recovery.

There are a lot of other interesting points, including his penchant for Pina Coladas.

What is it with these tough UFC champions and their foo-foo drinks?

St. Pierre is scheduled to fight Matt Serra at UFC 69 on April 7 in Houston, Texas.