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Anderson Silva heads to Thailand to train Muay Thai

anderson silva muay thai
Fresh off a victory over Travis Lutter at UFC 67, "The Spider" is looking to sharpen his knowledge of "The Science of Eight Limbs" -- Muay Thai -- in Thailand for 20 days, according to

Perhaps the most dangerous striker in the UFC, Anderson Silva feels he can get better.

Here's a snip:

... the Brazilian packed his bags to travel across the world. Owner of one of today's greatest standup games, Anderson is going to Thailand to perfect his muay thai. Interestingly, this will be the first time Anderson visits the Asian country that gave birth to one of the world's favorite martial arts.

So much for a vacation -- and giving those injured knees a much-needed rest.

The thought of Silva fine-tuning an already sick stand-up arsenal is downright ... spooky?

The UFC middleweight champion will also soon relocate to the United States, according to

Here's a snip:

... [Dana] White announced [Silva] would be moving to the U.S. to live and train in the coming months. Ed Soares, Silva's interpreter and confidante, said Silva has not decided on a date, but will most likely settle in California, possibly to open a branch of his newly-formed Black House gym. Asked where Silva's Black House and Muay Thai Dream Team mates would land, Soares assured, "The family will remain together."

Language barrier or not, it seems as though the Brazilian is adjusting nicely to his new role as the UFC 185-pound king.

And he seems dead set on ensuring that he is not dethroned anytime soon.

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