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UFC 70: Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin II?

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tito ortiz vx forrest griffin ufc 70
Speculation about a potential rematch between Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin, which is now being reported by, has been heating up ever since we passed along information weeks ago that the two light heavyweights are tentatively scheduled to appear at UFC 70.

Both fighters are coming off of disappointing losses at UFC 66.

It's a puzzling match up — one that I personally do not want to see this soon — between two of the UFC's most marketable personalities. And, a second consecutive defeat for either one of them would no doubt be a down right devastating way to start 2007.

Griffin is a fan favorite ever since his show-stopping performance on season one of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) inside and outside the Octagon. Ortiz, of course, is a UFC legend who fans either love or hate. And either way, people tune in to watch him win or lose.

Their first encounter at UFC 59 in April 2006 was competitive, with "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" pulling out a close split decision victory. Perhaps the controversy of the first tussle and their followings makes this a solid draw at the gate and on television.

Of course, I'll watch the fight and most likely enjoy it. However, I can't say that it is a showdown I will look forward to if it does turn out to be true.

There are better fights for both guys out there.