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Matt Hughes: 'I made mistakes'

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matt hughes ufc 68
Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes (40-5) believes he made two big mistakes that contributed to his loss to Georges St. Pierre (13-1) at UFC 65 in November 2006.

Here's a snip from his blog:

Well, I believe I finally got some answers about the loss from the St. Pierre fight. I went into that fight mostly on faith and I believed that it was my destiny to win that fight. I now realize that it takes more than faith to do anything in this world. Faith is still #1, but it also takes #2 knowledge and #3 physical practice.

So, my mistakes were:

1. Knowledge - I should have watched more tape of Georges' fights and come up with a better gameplan instead of going out there and finding a way to win one way or the other.
2. Physical Practice - I think I should have gone in stronger and in better shape, even though it never went past the middle of the second round, I think I could have been in better shape.

My faith was very positive and I did believe, before the fight, that I was supposed to win. Maybe that's why I didn't put as much training into it as I could have. So, now I will begin training harder than I ever have before on the road to fighting Georges again.

Wow, interesting admission from the former 170-pound king. He got beat badly, so he obviously made mistakes -- I just didn't think that he would ever mention having too much faith was one of them.

A few weeks ago, we wrote a post about Hughes and the moment his faith was restored. It elicited some polarizing comments from our readers about the relationship between religion and fighting.

From the not-so-serious:

Maybe Hughes can pray to Jesus to help him stop acting like an asshole.

To the serious:

[Thanks] for having the courage to stand up for us fellow Christians, I bet there are a lot more that watch the UFC than people think, Bless you guys!!!

I prefer to stay away from this argument whenever possible — I'm not even that comfortable writing about it.

More important here is that Hughes has identified his mistakes and is working "harder than ever" to get another crack at St. Pierre.

First, he'll have to get passed Chris Lytle (22-13-5) at UFC 68 on March 3 in Columbus, Ohio. Hughes will most likely be a heavy favorite — something he won't be if and when he and "Rush" meet for the third time.