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UFC 67 videos: Silva, Cro Cop and Rampage

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I'm getting a ton of emails about where folks can view the UFC 67 fights online. We have a policy not to embed videos on that could get us into deep, deep trouble.

Can you blame us?

But, I'm more than happy to share links to some other sites that have the stones to host copyrighted Zuffa material. normally polices its Web site and takes down UFC fights rather quickly -- most likely, per the request of Zuffa. has some of the fights from this weekend, which I linked to below. I'm not sure how long these will stay up, but enjoy them while they last.

I didn't have the time to dig for the Frank Edgar vs. Tyson Griffin bout, which was really exciting to watch and the most competitve fight of the night. If anyone has a link please send it over or just leave it on the comments section and I'll add it to the post.