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UFC 67: Anderson Silva on two bad knees?

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ufc 67 anderson silva
Last night at UFC 67, UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva was being taken down by Travis Lutter rather easily.

These were not Josh Koscheck or Matt Hughes-type takedowns, however. Lutter was lumbering in and somehow managing to get Silva to the canvas.

I mentioned earlier that it was "revealing" that Silva could be taken down by such poor-looking shots.

Well, according to UFC ringside announcer Joe Rogan in an Underground forum post today, Silva is still recovering from minor knee surgery on both knees.

Here's a snip:

From: Joe Rogan
Date: 02/04/07 08:29 AM
Member Since: 01/01/2001
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Anderson Silva had knee surgery on both knees just 11 weeks ago. That was why he was so easy to take down, and that was why he couldn't squeeze 100% when he had Lutter in the triangle. I ran into his manager after the show and he told me the whole deal. His knees were still very sore. Later that night I ran into Anderson in the hotel, and he was limping like he was just double knee barred.
Crazy shit. If Travis ever had a chance, last night was it. Great fight, either way.

Crazy shit, indeed. And it certainly explains the reason Ken Shamrock could've taken down Silva last night.

I'm glad to see that there is a good reason for his "average" performance last night and that the Brazilian didn't make any excuses.

But, when you stop a guy early, with two bad knees, I guess there is no reason to make excuses.

I have even more respect for Silva now after hearing this. Unhealthy, and the dude still manages to beat people down.