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UFC poo-poos Chuck Liddell Florida appearance

chuck liddell -iceman- ufc fighther
Ultimate Fighting Championship executives are none too pleased with the "Ultimate Warrior Challenge" mixed martial arts show scheduled for tonight in Jacksonville, Florida.

In fact, the UFC threatened to shut down the event and pursue legal action after promoters for the show heavily marketed the appearance of UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell, according to The Florida Times-Union.

Instead, the UFC pulled the plug on the Liddell cameo, saying he is "under contract with the UFC and did not have permission to appear."

Here's a snip:

The UFC stepped in because the group did not want to be perceived as sanctioning the Jacksonville event ... or even being connected with it.... the UFC ... also was concerned fans were misled by advertisements into thinking Liddell would fight here.

Fortunately for fight fans and the promoter of the show, S. Marcello Foran, the show will go on despite the absence of "The Iceman."

Here's another snip from Foran:

"They're very, very touchy at the UFC. They're very protective of what they've built, and Chuck is the crown jewel. I basically have to do what they tell me to do. Once I gave the UFC confidence that there would be no more confusion about anything, they gave me the OK but said they couldn't allow Chuck to be [here].''

All is not lost for the fledgling promotion, however.

UFC middleweight Dean Lister will be in attendance, coaching two of his students who will be fighting on the card.

Talk about a small, small victory.