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UFC 67: Patrick Cote needs to beat Scott Smith

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patick cote ufc Even with five fights remaining on his UFC contract, the stakes are high for middleweight Patrick Cote (8-4) tomorrow night against Scott Smith (10-2) at UFC 67.

A win, and Cote will most likely live to fight another fight in the Octagon. A loss, and he can probably kiss those remaining five fights goodbye.

That's because the Canadian boasts an underwhelming 0-4 UFC record, losing to Tito Ortiz (15-5), Joe Doerksen (37-9), Chris Leben (16-3) and Travis Lutter (9-3) since his UFC debut in 2004.

In an interview with Neil Davidson from today, Cote understands full well the importance of this bout in regard to his future with the UFC.

Here's a snip from Cote:

"Now it's my time to shine. It's maybe my last chance to prove I have a place here. I will fight like it's the last fight of my life. I had some bad luck before in the past."

Maybe his last chance?

I guess that might be somewhat accurate, considering Ross Pointon (4-8) still gets fights.

Not the greatest comparison, I know, but I wouldn't bet the farm on him sticking around too long if he loses again.

Cote needs a win bad.