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UFC 67: Cro Cop too tired for Eddie?

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cro cop vs eddie sanchez ufc 67
I'm thinking of renaming this site and calling it

It might be a little more apropos, considering the crux of the UFC 67 stories on this site are about him lately. Not all of them, but I realize the coverage may be a bit lopsided.

However, nowhere near as lopsided as his fight with Eddie Sanchez tomorrow night at UFC 67.

Check this out from

One interesting note to keep in mind with the debuting UFC fighter has to do with his arrival to the United States. Cro Cop trained for the fight in his native Croatia, and didn't leave for the States until late Wednesday night. He won't have much time to get his body acclimated to the nine-hour time zone difference from Zagreb to Las Vegas, and by the time his fight goes on, it will be the equivalent of 9 a.m. local time. Though he's a heavy favorite over Eddie Sanchez, he'll also be battling jetlag and an early wakeup call.

I really think that Cro Cop could step off the plane and wipe the floor with Eddie Sanchez on the tarmac. No disrespect to Sanchez, I give him all the credit for manning up and taking this bout.

It's just not a fair fight.

And, after reading a story from in which Loretta Hunt writes a story detailing the thought process of Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) Executive Director, Keith Kizer, approving this fight, it only supports this fact.

For what it's worth, Sanchez appears to have the right attitude and approach to this fight in all the interviews I've read and heard -- win or lose.

I mean, when he loses.