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Video interview: Cro Cop flies into Vegas today

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ufc 67 mirko cro cop filipovic ufcThere's a reason Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic won't make the UFC 67 pre-fight press conference today:

He just left Croatia at 6 a.m., according to

Here's a snip:

A few hours ago Mirko Cro Cop lef to the US with his team members in high spirits. Only a few loyal fans appeared at 6 AM local time at Zagreb airport Pleso, to wish Mirko a good luck in his UFC debut. Branimir Levak (Mirko's boxing coach), Igor Pokrajac (sparring partner) and Zvonimir Lucic (Mirko's manager) left with Mirko to Frankfurt this morning.

There's a video interview, as well as an English translation.

Here's the transcript:

Reporter: How do you feel before your UFC debut?
Mirko: I have no special feelings about it. I've been through a lot in my career. It's just a fight, like any other fight.

Reporter: We already talked about this. Every opponent deserves respect, Eddie Sanchez too, he has no defeats?
Mirko: I already said much about it, no need to repeat myself.
We'll fight and we'll see who will have whose head :).

We also got a few lines from Mirko while he was checking-in for the flight. How do you feel this morning?
Mirko: Sleepy (laughing). I'm too old for this I guess. Are you satisfied with your current condition?
Mirko: Yes, of course, I'm ready to fight. Do you have your gameplan set? Have you seen any fight footage of Eddie Sanchez?
Mirko: The gameplan is to KO my opponent. I saw some clips. A message to your fans?
Mirko: Thank you for your support. Now I have a new challenge coming up and I hope you'll support me all the way.

A man of very few words, indeed. Thanks to "Ed" for letting me know that the link was fixed.