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Reminder: UFC 67 to air in High Definition (HDTV)

Don't forget, for the first time ever the UFC will offer us armchair fighters the opportunity to get closer to the action inside the cage by broadcasting UFC 67 in High Definition (HDTV).

Here's a snip from UFC President Dana White:

"We are very excited to bring UFC fans a new, more intense UFC experience by presenting all of our UFC pay-per-view events in HD. We are committed to giving fans new ways to enjoy the UFC, and offering our events in HD is going to make viewers at home feel like they're sitting Octagon-side at every fight."

This, however, might be a little more important:

Beginning with UFC 67: "All or Nothing," all UFC pay-per-view events will be broadcast live in HD, where available, on iN DEMAND, DIRECTV, DISH Network and Bell ExpressVu.

I sound like a broken record, but just in case you're dropping in for the first time — or have been locked up in a Chinese prison getting tortured only to return to the United States recently to save us from utter destruction for the sixth time — UFC 67 will take place this Saturday, February 3 at 10 p.m.

For the final fight card click here.

Just another heads up, UFC in HDTV is going to cost you an extra $10 ($49.95) — a small price to pay if you can afford it.

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