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Josh Burkman cut 40 pounds?

josh burkman ufc
UFC welterweight contender Josh Burkman (8-3) is fresh off a victory over Chad Reiner (13-2) at UFC Fight Night 8 on January 25.

Prior to the bout, he sent around this MySpace bulletin:

And the cut begins!
Couple weeks ago I was 190, Sunday I was 183, today I woke up 179 ... Gotta drop 9lbs tomorrow by weigh-ins ... 170, Ill put up some pics of my skinny ass after weigh-ins tomorrow...

At the time, cutting 20 pounds seemed like a lot but not outside the realm of possibility — fighters and wrestlers do it all the time. Fellow welterweight Joe Riggs usually — emphasis on the word usually — cuts between 25-30 pounds prior to his fights.

Riggs, however, is a rare case. He used to weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 pounds and is two inches taller than "The People's Warrior." He's just naturally a bigger dude.

At any rate, Burkman sent around another MySpace bulletin today:

I'm gettin alot of questions on cuttin weight... Go to my website and click on Make Weight Now! It'll kinda explain my diet and how I went from 210 to getting down close enough to cut to 170...

Um, 40 pounds? Burkman?

I call bullshit.

He probably gets some kind of commission from Isagenix.

Nice try.

And, what a horrible, horrible attempt to play off of the classic film "The Warriors" on his MySpace music intro.

I hate that nickname even more now.

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