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UFC 67: Marvin Eastman is busy busy

UFC fighter Marvin Eastman (13-6-1) works 10-hour shifts as a correctional officer, spends time with his wife and two children, helps kids in the community and coaches freestyle wrestling, according to a recent article.

Oh yeah, he also squeezes in training to prepare for world-class opponents like Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (25-6), who he will face at UFC 67 on February 3, at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

And I thought holding a full time job, maintaining a UFC site and spending time with my family was difficult.

At 37 years old, Eastman can be considered a "journeyman" of sorts. As a result, not too many people are giving the former wrestler and kickboxer a chance against Rampage this Saturday.

It seems like Eastman is too busy to care.

Here's a snip:

"It would be great if I could just worry about training and eating, but I deal with what's in front of me. I'm going to fight. I'm going to come straight ahead, let him test his skills and I'll test mine. I'll do no running, and I'm not going to back up. That's my strategy. I won't vary from what I do. I'm a puncher and a wrestler. I'm going to try to destroy him like he's trying to destroy me. No disrespect to him, but this is what this game is about. Go toe-to-toe and see who's got the best chin."

Back in 2004, grappler Travis Lutter (9-3) — who is headlining the card against middleweight champion Anderson Silva (17-4) — tested that chin and knocked "The Beastman" out cold.

And one year earlier, Vitor Belfort (14-8) took Eastman out in the first round via strikes at UFC 43.

He offers up no excuses for his 0-2 UFC record:

"The thing about fighting is, it's your responsibility to be in top physical condition. Stop whining, be a man and take responsibility. I lost those fights and nobody wants to hear an excuse."

Eastman's bout with Rampage this Superbowl weekend isn't supposed to go the distance. And that's just fine by him.

Check out this predicition:

"I leave predictions to the psychic hotline. I 100 percent expect to win. I'd prefer it not to go the judges. They won't give me the decision because he's the star. But whatever happens, happens. No one comes in to lose, and I don't plan on it in any way, shape or form."

I'm rather confident it won't go to the scorecards. I'm not so confident that he can pull off the upset.

Either way, after learning more about his day-to-day challenges, it'll be hard not to feel good for the guy if he can prove all the skeptics wrong.

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