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Lutter: ‘We'll get him out of there in two rounds'

travis lutter ufc
The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) middleweight champion Travis Lutter (9-3) is confident that he will end his fight this weekend with UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva (17-4) at UFC 67 quickly, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Here's a snip:

"I don't see this fight going that long. I'm going to go in there, take him down and beat him up. I don't like to fight that long. Hopefully, we'll get him out of there in two rounds."

The "Serial Killer" later adds:

"His takedown defense is probably the weakest part of his game," Lutter said. "I think his stand-up is incredible, and his jiu-jitsu's okay, with his wrestling being the biggest hole. My game plan is to get him down and beat him up just enough so he gives me something (for a submission)."

Throughout his career, Silva has been a dominant fighter. He has never been knocked out or TKO'd, losing only four times in 21 fights; however, half of those losses have come via submission.

So, when UFC commentator Joe Rogan, UFC President Dana White, Lutter and others go around telling everyone who will listen that Lutter poses problems for Silva, it might not just be shameless marketing or false confidence.

Indeed, they might be onto something.

But, I remember not too long ago when Renato "Babalu" Sobral (27-6) — an accomplished grappler — had the perfect "style" to take out a feared striker, Chuck Liddell (20-3).

And, we all know how that one turned out.

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