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UFC champ St. Pierre inks six-fight UFC contractextension

georges st pierr ufc
UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre (13-1) will fight at least six more times in the Octagon, signing a lucrative contract recently that will make the Canadian sensation one of the most well-paid fighters in the organization, according to

Here's a snip:

In an interview this afternoon on FCF Radio, Stephane Patry [St. Pierre's manager] stated that talks with the UFC had been difficult at times, but that finally an agreement was made that would make St-Pierre ‘probably one of the highest paid fighters in the UFC, probably top three.'

According to the article, "Rush" had only two fight remaining on his old deal and this new contract replaces the previous one.

With UFC champions averaging around two to three fights per year — in addition to St. Pierre's penchant for injuring himself during training — we can expect to see the 25-year-old fight under the UFC banner well into 2008 and possibly 2009.

All I have to say is, "THANK YOU ZUFFA!"

St. Pierre is one of the most exciting and "well rounded" (lord, I hate that term) fighters in mixed martial arts.

He's got a unique style and personality that makes people love him, as well as purchase seats and UFC pay-per-view events. St. Pierre is tentatively scheduled to fight Matt Serra (7-4) at UFC 69 on April 7 in Houston, Texas.

It's no surprise that Zuffa locked St. Pierre down with a seemingly generous — and long-term — contract.

He's worth every penny ... and more.

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