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UFC 68: Randy to Couture to train with giants

randy couture ulitimate fighter
Fighters can drill takedowns, boxing, wrestling, grappling — just about anything it takes to get prepared for an MMA fight.

But, there are some things that are just outside of their control. Giving up at least seven inches in height, like Randy Couture will do when he faces Tim Sylvia (23-2) at UFC 68, is one of those things.

Sylvia stands 6'8" tall according to most records, while Couture is around 6'1." I got to meet Couture at UFC Fight Night 8 and I must admit that he didn't appear to be that big.

Bigger than yours truly, of course, but that's not too hard.

To get acclimated to the height difference, Couture will train with K-1 kickboxer Dan Evenson, according to The mixed martial artist is just one inch shorter than the current champion, Sylvia.

And, Couture will tangle with Dan Christison (8-4) — who stands 6'8" — from Greg Jackson's camp prior to the showdown.

It's not surprising to hear that Couture is training with skyscrapers like these. He's long been regarded as one of the most meticulous and well prepared fighters in the sport.

Whether or not the plan works, however, will depend on how thing play out in the Octagon on March 3.

That's because, fortunately, duplicating Tim Sylvia is not easy.

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