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Dana White points out

dana white ufc mania
If a picture is worth a thousand words, well, then UFC President Dana White doesn't need to say anymore -- not to UFCmania at least.

This beautiful picture was taken last night after the lights came down at UFC Fight Night 8.

While I was busy trying to track down Joe Rogan and Randy Couture, my friend, Juan, was off doing bigger and better things (bastard).

As you can see, Dana was more than happy to take this shot and point out He also seemed excited -- and familiar with -- the name.

When I saw this picture, I nearly shit my pants. I knew that the folks over at Zuffa were familiar with our site, but I always walked on eggshells thinking that one day we might run into a few problems.

We're not affiliated with the UFC in any manner. And, we're certainly not endorsed by the promotion.

So, this picture helps allay a lot of fears.

Our goal is to promote the UFC, its fighters and everything else associated with the organization. We don't get paid to do it -- we do it because it's our passion.

I'm pumped to see that we've been validated somewhat by the man himself.

I just hope he wasn't tanked.

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