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UFC Fight Night 8 betting odds

We're hours away from UFC Ultimate Fight Night, which will be broadcast live from the Seminole Hotel Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, at 8 p.m. on SpikeTV.

Here's the final lineup:

Main Event:
Rashad Evans (9-0) vs. Sean Salmon (9-1)

Main Card:
155 lb.: Spencer Fisher (19-2) vs. Hermes Franca (17-5)
Hvwt.: Jake O'Brien (8-0) vs. Heath Herring (26-11)
185 lb.: Dean Lister (9-4) vs. Nathan Marquardt (22-6-2)

155 lb.: Din Thomas (18-6) vs. Clay Guida (21-6)
170 lb.: Josh Burkman (7-3) vs. Chad Reiner (12-1)
185 lb.: Ed Herman (10-5) vs. Chris Price (7-1)
170 lb.: Ross Pointon (4-7) vs. Rich Clementi (23-11-1)

Undoubtedly, there are a few bettors out there who can't pass up this kind of action -- or any action for that matter. So, as usual, we've got the latest betting lines for tonight's evening of fights.

Just click on the banner at the top of this post, which will take you to -- one of the bigger more reputable sportsbooks around.

Nothing too shocking, although I see that Din Thomas is an underdog. I like Clay Guida a lot, but I wouldn't count out "Dinyero" to pull off an "upset."

Be sure and check the site often for the most recent lines -- these could change.

Here are the latest Octagon Odds from

Light Heavyweight Matchup (205 lb.)
Favorite: Rashad Evans -650
Underdog: Sean Salmon +450

Lightweight Matchup (155 lb.)
Favorite: Hermes Franca -170
Underdog: Spencer Fisher +140

Heavyweight Matchup
Favorite: Heath Herring -450
Underdog: Jake O'Brien +325

Middleweight Matchup (185 lb.)
Favorite: Nate Marquardt -200
Underdog: Dean Lister +160

Lightweight Matchup (155 lb.)
Favorite: Clay Guida -120
Underdog: Din Thomas EV

Middleweight Matchup (185 lb.)
Favorite: Ed Herman -450
Underdog: Chris Price +325

Welterweight Matchup (170 lb.)
Favorite: Josh Burkman -350
Underdog: Chad Reiner +275

Welterweight Matchup (170 lb.)
Favorite: Rich Clementi -450
Underdog: Ross Pointon +325

Just a quick note on how this works: The Marquardt-Lister fight has Marquardt favored by -200. Therefore, you would have to wager $200 to win $100 plus your initial $200 bet. Lister would pay out $160 on a $100 bet as the underdog.

Again, just click on the banner above to start making some bets!

Best of luck ...

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