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Rashad Evans wants to beat the sh*t out of SeanSalmon

Rashad Evans UFC
In a recent interview with, UFC light heavyweight Rashad Evans (9-0) has some choice words for his opponent this evening at UFC Fight Night 8, Sean Salmon (9-1), as well as some other fighters in the UFC.

Here's the snip:

FB: Your opponent this Thursday is Sean Salmon. He's 9-1 with six victories coming by submission. Is the UFC trying to get you some experience against a grappler?

RE: I don't know? Maybe. It doesn't really matter what they are trying to do. If I want to be the best I got to go through everyone.

FB: How does it feel to be the main event?

RE: It's pretty cool. I finally get to be the man. I am a little extra nervous, but it's okay. By the time I get there, I'll be cool.

FB: In your last fight you told me your strategy was to go in there and beat the shit out of Jason Lambert. That seemed to work pretty well. Same strategy for this fight?

RE: (laughs) Yeah, pretty much the same thing. Just go out there and get after him. If you fight too much with your mind pretty soon you find yourself just standing there and waiting for something to happen instead of just making it happen.

Can't really blame him for his word selection — it is a fight. And, it looked like Evans wanted things to pop off early during weigh-ins yesterday when he buzzed Salmon's tower, so this isn't too surprising.

Check out the video clip here on

In all honesty, I don't see how Evans can lose this fight — unless he underestimates Salmon. He's got the experience and confidence, which should take him onto the next level of 205 pounders like ... Quinton Jackson?

Here's Evans on Rampage:

It would be explosive versus explosiveness. He's good all around, and has fought some tough fighters, so he has that big fight experience. He has been one of my favorite fighters for a long time. It would make me really happy to fight him. He's got crazy strong hip power, but I have analyzed his game. I don't think he would be able to slam me like he does everyone else. I would knock his ass out!

Now that's something I would pay to see.

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