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UFC 67: Melvin Guillard off the card

melvin guillard ufc
Melvin Guillard (21-5-2) — one of the flashiest fighters in the UFC — has withdrawn from his lightweight bout against Dustin Hazelett (7-3) at UFC 67, according to

Here's a snip:

Melvin Guillard has been forced to withdraw from a fight against Ohioan Dustin Hazelett... [the] rising lightweight suffered an apparent hand injury that will prevent him from competing at UFC 67.

Diego Saraiva (8-4-1) — the man who was standing by to replace Spencer Fisher in case he wasn't fit for his fight tomorrow with Hermes Franca — gets the eleventh hour nod to replace Guillard on February 3.

Here's a snip from earlier today on, apparently from Ken Pavia, the super MMA agent who represents Saraiva:

At this time, Spencer [Fisher} has confirmed that he is go to go and will be fighting Franca on Thur, so Diego who was a 50/50 shot as an alternate will not be fighting. However, he [Saraiva] was taken care of, for the show, has been cleared, did some great interviews, etc. Oh and was given a contract to fight on the Feb 3rd card, although I will leave his opponents name off of this for now. In the contract that we signed if he wins, he gets another fight, and then with a win another, for a 3 fight 14 month deal. So win win, and the kids dream is being made....

This is bad news, especially since UFC 67 is less than two weeks away. I didn't expect it to be a super competitive match, but I just love tuning in to see what Guillard is going to do next.

As for Saraiva, this will be his first UFC match. He hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and has fought in smaller show such as World Extreme Fighting throughout his four-year professional career.

From what I can gather, Saraiva is a decorated grappler.


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