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Fisher-Franca fight still on

I just want to update some "news" from earlier today.ÂÂ

Rumblings that UFC lightweight Spencer Fisher was forced to withdraw from his fight tomorrow night against Hermes Franca because of a knee injury are incorrect.

Here's the latest from

Several MMA news outlets claimed that Fisher had suffered a knee injury in training and may not be able to participate, but confirmed that the fight is on.

"He's fine and healthy and ready to go," UFC spokesperson Jennifer Wenk said from Hollywood, Florida, where the card is set to take place.


There's still some speculation that Fisher may not be 100 percent healthy. For that reason, the UFC contacted Diego Saraieva (8-4-1) to standby just in case Fisher couldn't go.

Here's snip from Saraieva's manager in the forum:

Last night I get a call that Spencer Fisher is 50/50 for the Franca fight. Reasons that I will not disclose for obvious reasons. I am asked if Diego is in shape, and on weight. I said yes, and of course he wants this fight. We received a contract in the middle of the night last night Diego signed it at my house with several other docs, and we sent them off, and got he and Steve Headden on a plane and to Fl at 7:15 am. He completed his medical and is good to go and ready to fight. At this time, Spencer has confirmed that he is go to go and will be fighting Franca on Thur, so Diego who was a 50/50 shot as an alternate will not be fighting.

Whether or not the Saraieva incident is accurate is moot at this point. However, it was certainly the genesis for all the wild speculation.

I'm not sure what to think of this news.

It's awesome to hear that Fisher will fight, but if he's got a bum wheel, I don't know how he's going to compete with a guy like Franca for 15 minutes.

If he is indeed hiding a knee injury, it will no doubt hinder him in the Octagon.

We'll just have to wait and see how it unfolds tomorrow night on SpikeTV.

Just to recap, Spencer Fisher will fight at UFC Fight Night 8. Unfortunately, Spencer Fisher is the only person who knows how bad he is hurt -- if at all.

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