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UFC in HD will not be free

ufc high definition tvDuring UFC 66, the UFC announced that it will begin airing events in High Definition, beginning with the UFC 67 card on February 3.

It actually got more play than the Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic news.

However, according to a recent article on, it's going to cost us coach potatoes an extra $10 to see the fight in HD.

Here's a snip:

... future UFC shows that will be in HD will not be free. In fact, they will come at a premium price — $49.95, ten extra dollars than the standard broadcast.... The addition of HD broadcasting can only help the UFC and Zuffa Entertainment. UFC is on an unbelievable roll as of late ... HD broadcasting can only aid that roll.

Great, more money from my pocket into Zuffa's.

When I first heard the news, of course, I was excited. HDTV would get me that much closer to the action and make fight nights that much more enjoyable.

However, I didn't think that it would come at that kind of cost.

This is becoming quite an expensive obsession.

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