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Tito and Dana set to box on March 24

Before he returns to the Octagon since losing to Chuck Liddell at UFC 66, Tito Ortiz has a score to settle with UFC President Dana White in the boxing ring.

"The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" will get to beat his boss' ass "once and for all" on March 24 when the two meet for a three-round exhibition.

Here's the latest update from Ortiz on MySpace:

"Well time to let you know what's next for me. I will be boxing Dana on March 24. I will get to beat his ass once and for all. For me and the one's that want too. Then in April or May I will be on the rode to the title once again. This time the belt will be mine. You want to know who it is ?... lol I will let you all know as soon as I know.. Thanks for the support. I will be back to let you all know what's next."

This was one of the more bizarre stories that we covered last year. In fact, you can read all of the posts and get more background through this link.

But, here's the long and short of the saga:

As part of his deal to return to the UFC, Ortiz has a clause written into his contract that he and White would have to lace up the boxing gloves and go toe-to-toe for nine minutes.

It was his way, I guess, of letting the two former friends, then enemies, and now acquaintances (?) pound out their frustrations with each other.

The fight will be taped and aired over the Internet for a nominal price, according to the most recent reports.

Even though White has amateur boxing experience, the Nevada State Athletic Commission put the brakes on this fight in late 2006 because of the disparity of experience and weight between White and Ortiz.

Those issues have apparently been resolved and the two are scheduled to finally have it out — Yay!

This is one of those storylines I wish would just go away.

Regardless, if White doesn't lump up Ortiz too bad, he'll be back in mixed martial arts action in April or May. Recent rumors have him on the UFC 70 card in Manchester, England, on April 28.

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