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nbc sports ufcIn a move that will introduce (or reintroduce) the UFC to millions and millions of sports fans, has launched a section on its Web site that covers news from inside and outside the Octagon.

Of course, Dana White is front and center.

To give you a better understanding of how many eyeballs hit this site, just check out these figures from Its daily reach is anywhere from 30 to 140 million people.

The scary thing about this all is that the traffic statistics for are already huge. Just check out the comparison between the two sites right here.

More than page visits, the creation of this section signals a major shift in the mainstream news coverage of the UFC.

Already, respected outlets such as the Houston Chronicle were dedicating the resources to cover mixed martial arts and recently introduced an MMA section of its own (in addition to Steve Seivert's blog, of course).

But, one of the biggest in the business, is now providing the UFC with exclusive coverage — not MMA.

Pretty crazy.

The site itself is decent. It looks nice, anyway. I see that Sam Stout is the number one contender in the lightweight division, which is rather amusing.

But, at least it's a start — a big start at that.

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