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Hughes 'surrendered' to Jesus after Penn loss

matt hughes ufc
Former UFC welterweight champion and devout Jesus Christ supporter Matt Hughes will be the featured speaker at the Family Life Fellowship weekly celebration on January 28, according to the Moberly Monitor Index.

This isn't some spectacular news bit, but more or less an update on the Hillsboro, Illinois, resident for all his fans out there. Whenever Hughes' name is involved, people tend to be interested — love him or hate him.

He's been extremely open and vocal about his religious beliefs during the last few years. And if nothing else, this article helps pinpoint the time at which in his life he "surrendered" to the lord.

Here's a snip:

In 2004 Matt lost and regained his UFC title; however, it was the time sandwiched between those two fights that brought about the greatest changes in his life. About the time of Matt's loss to BJ Penn, he started attending church with his long-time friend and fiancée, Audra Moore. Church was not new to Matt, but it had been some time since he attended on a regular basis. He and his brother had grown up going to church with their mother, but by the time high school came around their attendance became nonexistent. At nearly the same time, Mark and his wife Emily began looking for a church in which to raise their family. Though unplanned by them, both brothers found themselves attending the same church. Shortly thereafter, Mark Hughes surrendered his life to Jesus and was baptized.

I don't get it, but I certainly don't knock him for it — to each his own. It certainly has worked to his benefit over the last few years in the Octagon.

Hughes does a lot of work in the community for which he should be commended. His appearance at Family Life Fellowship is one of several things he will do and has done in the past with his free time.

If you're a Missouri resident and a Hughes fan, this is your opportunity to meet the man for free.

Just "don't forget to bring a friend!"

Hughes is scheduled to face Chris Lytle at UFC 68 on March 3 in Columbus, Ohio. It will be his first fight since losing the 170-pound title to Georges St. Pierre at UFC 65.

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