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Dana White chats with UFC fans

dana white ufc
From the reason his hands are so soft to whether or not he has had a threesome, UFC President Dana White answered UFC Fight Club member questions during a live online chat last night.

Yes, he divulged some breaking news thanks to the probing and well thought out questions of the "savvy" UFC fans who participated.

With such a rare opportunity, you'd think people would use it to get some solid information right from the source.

Oh well.

Fortunately, the conversation was not limited to knuckleheads — there was some goodness revealed.

I don't have the $64.99 to squander on an Ultimate membership — let alone the $24.99 on the barebones package — but it didn't matter. I just came across a thread on the forums, which contained a good amount of the conversation.


Here are some of White's comments:

On Wanderlei Silva:

I would love to have Silva in the UFC, it's always my goal to get the best fighters in the world to fight for us. hopefully we will see that fight [Liddell-Silva] in 2007.

On buying PRIDE FC:

Obviously we are out there acquiring other MMA companies right now and if Pride is for sale, I'm interested.

On the competition:

Pride is our only real competitor.

On the next UFC U.S. military event:

We are talking right now about doing a live fight on an aircraft carrier.

On the future of the UFC:

Diego Sanchez, Michael Bisping, Rashad Evans.

On ESPN coverage:

It is coming.

On Forrest Griffin fighting next:

We are shooting for April.

For the record, White claims to have never had a threesome and his hands are soft because of soap and water.

I can sleep better now knowing that.

Definitely some interesting nuggets otherwise -- the aircraft carrier show sounds pretty sick if it can get done.

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