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He's back! Randy Couture announces his UFC 68 comeback

ufc 68 randy couture

"That's it for me. I'm ready to do something else."

Apparently, the "something else" Randy mentioned back on February 4, 2006, just couldn't keep him away from the fight game.

Less than a year after announcing his retirement, "The Natural" tonight announced his return to mixed martial arts on "Inside the UFC."

According to Couture, he inked a two-year, four-fight deal that will keep him in the UFC until he turns 45.

The 43-year-old legend will challenge Tim Sylvia for the UFC heavyweight championship title on March 3 at UFC 68 in Columbus, Ohio.

We've speculated all week that this news was coming, but now it is official.

It's a bold move for the former champion, who has seemingly nothing left to prove. His storied career has already created a lasting legacy inside and outside the Octagon that most fans covet.

In his first test since losing to Chuck Liddell at UFC 57, Couture — aka "Captain America" — will go up against a giant. Sylvia stands a debatable 6'8" tall and cuts weight to make the 265-pound heavyweight limit.

He hits hard and can defend takedowns, which Couture will have to do if he has any chance of winning this fight.

Couture mentioned during the interview with host Joe Rogan that Sylvia cherishes his belt too much, and ultimately his cautious approach to fighting will be the "Maine-iacs" undoing.

I'm really looking forward to Randy's return, but I'm thrown off with this match up. It just doesn't seem like a fight he has a good chance of winning. And, even if he does win, is he going to face Cro Cop, Arlovski, Herring, or Sylvia again?

If anyone can do it, I suppose, it's Couture.

(Note: I just want to say thanks. It's not even mid-January and Zuffa has already delivered half the requests on my 2006 Christmas Wish List. I didn't think I had so much pull.)

On the flip side, what if Sylvia wins and knocks out one of the most revered fighters in UFC history. It's not the best PR move for a guy who many fans already can't stand.

There's a thousand different ways to look at this fight and the reasons behind it. Just check out the poll in the sidebar for some of them (and vote if you haven't already, dammit!).

All I'm going to say is that I certainly won't miss this fight -- along with the rest of the countless Couture fans.

And, maybe that's the primary reason it's happening in the first place.

Regardless, we get to see four more Couture fights -- and I can't wait. He's made a living out of proving people wrong.

I just hope he's still got it.

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