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UFC fighter Thiago Alves to be suspended

I just want to quickly pass along the latest update on the Thiago Alves (10-3) saga.

The UFC welterweight tested positive for an illegal diuretic prior to his victory over Tony DeSouza (10-3) at UFC 66. You can read more about that here and here.

According to, Alves will be temporarily suspended and possibly fined for his actions at a January 18 hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). The win over DeSouza could also be changed to a "No Contest" at that time.

Here's the full snip:

Recently cited for non-approved diuretic use by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, welterweight Thiago Alves will be temporarily suspended at a Jan. 18 hearing pending a formal meeting for disciplinary action. Alves earned a second round TKO stoppage over Tony DeSouza at Dec. 30's UFC 66, an outcome that could be adjusted to a "no contest" under the NSAC's jurisdiction. Alves' pre-fight urinaylsis results showed traces of spironolactone, a diuretic that can be utilized for weight-cutting and/or to mask steroids.

NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer says Alves has already contacted the Commission and admitted to the use for weight-cutting purposes. In addition to the potential "no contest" alteration, Alves faces a fine and/or suspension.

Bad news for the surging Brazilian -- this comes at a time when his stock was on the rise in the 170-pound division.

We'll keep you posted on the fallout from hearing on the 18th.

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