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Former UFC fighter Buentello wants Kimbo Slice and Cro Cop

paul buentello kimbo slice ufc

I've been battling all day as to whether or not this qualifies as UFC news.

It really doesn't.

I just decided to relent because it gives me an excuse to get a video of Kimbo Slice up on this site. Any "fighter" with opponents named Rasta, Bic Mac and Afro Puff has got to get a little ink here – even if it's not MMA–related.

Former UFC heavyweight Paul Buentello (22–9) has been rumored to be fighting the Miami streetbrawler sometime soon. And, according to, there is a hint of truth to this one.

Here's a snip from "The Headhunter:"

"They're in negotiations [management teams]. I would say it's probably about 60/40 right now. 60 percent chance of us getting into a fight and broadcasting it somehow or another."

Coordinating an unsanctioned bareknuckle fight is a curious move for Buentello, who is an accomplished mixed martial artist. Since losing to then UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei Arlovski (10-5) at UFC 55 in 15 seconds of round one due to knockout, Buentello has been a perfect 3-0.

In fact, he's 10-1 since 2003.

On the undercard at UFC 55, there was a heavyweight who made a name for himself by handing Slice his first defeat in an underground fight — Sean Gannon (1-1). However, the Boston cop went on to lose to Brandon Lee Hinkle (12-8) via technical knockout in the first round that night — and he hasn't been heard from since.

In the article, Buentello indicates that once his contract with Strikeforce is up, he'd also like to return to the Octagon and face Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic (21-4-2).

Here's a snip:

"God Almighty ...wouldn't it be nice to fight 'Cro Cop?' Man, I would love to fight him... I know my boy Eddie Sanchez is going to do what he can do, I offered to go down and help him train – he hasn't called me back – but, that's a fight for me."

I get the feeling that Buentello just likes to fight – he doesn't care who or where it is.

Here's the video of Kimbo-Gannon:

[youtube N3omgcuwrso]

Here's another classic Kimbo beatdown:

[youtube YTX7rBTPIXw]

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