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The reason Chuck Liddell is a 'f-ing a-hole'

chuck liddell ufc 66
In the wake of Chuck Liddell's (20-3) victory over Tito Ortiz (15-5) at UFC 66, UFC President Dana White was caught on tape calling the champ a "f*cking asshole."

Not the words you'd expect to hear from White after Liddell just made him millions of dollars richer.

It caused somewhat of a stir in the forums and message boards, with lip-reading fans rewinding their DVRs to uncover the reason behind the exchange.

Well, has solved the mystery.

Here's a snip from Liddell:

"I said [to Dana], ‘Oh, by the way, I tore my MCL before this fight.' Anytime I've been injured going into a fight, I'll never tell. I tell him afterwards, and he said, ‘You f**king a**hole.' He was just laughing at me, pretty much [in the manner he said it]. It's what you'd say to a friend."

More importantly, the 205 pound champ says that extent of his injuries have been blown out of proportion.

Feel free to read the entire article, but it all boils down to this:

But with the knee injury being a tear to his MCL and given that he doesn't need surgery on his finger, he doesn't expect to be out of action any longer than his typical post-fight recovery.

Liddell, according to a recent interview, would like to fight three times this year — something that would be impossible if he was badly injured.

And being that he is the biggest UFC draw, I'm sure White will make sure the "f*cking asshole" is back in the Octagon as soon as he is ready.

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