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Thiago Alves tests positive for banned substance after UFC66

thiago alves ufc 66
Fresh off a victory inside the Octagon over Tony DeSouza (10-3) at UFC 66, Thiago Alves (10-3) may have lost the fight outside of it.

Apparently, the "Pitbull" didn't pass the piss test.

The 23-year-old UFC welterweight, according to the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) as first reported on, tested positive for a banned substance — spironolactone.

The diuretic, which is often used cut weight and mask steroids, was detected in the Brazilian's system after the 170-pound showdown.

Of course, Alves and his camp denied any outright wrongdoing.

Here's a snip:

Through an American Top Team spokesman, Alves indicated he did not take any diuretics. The fighter conceded, however, that it's possible something could have been in the supplements he ingested leading up to the bout.

This is bad news for the tough and explosive Alves, who was starting to turn the corner after a tough loss to Jon Fitch (12-2) earlier this year.

He will now most likely be suspended by the NSAC. (He did not test postive for steroids by the way, perhaps because they were masked?)

Alves was scheduled to get back in the Octagon super soon on January 25 against Josh Burkman (7-3) — a solid tilt in the division that now looks to be in jeopardy.

We'll keep you posted on the fallout as it affects the future of Alves and the upcoming Burkman fight at UFC Fight Night 8.

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