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UFC Fight Night 7 at Miramar fighter payouts

This news is a little old, but it never made it up here until now. And, I still think most will find it interesting. posted the fighter paydays for the UFC Fight Night 7 at Miramar card on December 13, which featured the welterweight showdown between Diego Sanchez and Joe Riggs.

Collectively, the UFC forked over $163,000 to the 18 fighters on the card that night in California — an average of a little more than $9,000 per man.

Many, however, were not that fortunate.

Check out the purses, which include win bonuses:

Diego Sanchez — $32,000
Joe Riggs — $14,000
RESULT: Sanchez defeated Riggs via knockout (knee) in round one

Karo Parisyan — $24,000
Drew Fickett — $10,000
RESULT: Parisyan defeated Fickett via unanimous decision

Josh Koscheck — $14,000
Jeff Joslin — $3,000
RESULT: Koscheck defeated Joslin via unanimous decision

Marcus Davis — $10,000
Shonie Carter — $10,000
RESULT — Davis defeated Carter via unanimous decision

Luigi Fioravanti — $8,000
Dave Menne — $5,000
RESULT: Fioravanti defeated Menne via technical knockout in round one

Brock Larson — $8,000
Keita Nakamura — $4,000
RESULT: Larson defeated Nakamura via unanimous decision

David Heath — $8,000
Victor Valimaki — $3,000
RESULT: Heath defeated Valimaki via split decision

Alan Belcher — $6,000
Jorge Santiago — $4,000
RESULT: Belcher defeated Santiago via knockout in round three

Note: Salary information for the Logan Clark-Steve Byrnes match, which Clark won via unanimous decision, was not provided.

In addition, not included in the above paydays are bonuses. The UFC often rewards fighters with a little extra cash if they do something special vis-à-vis the submission of the night, fight of the night, knockout of the night, etc.

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