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UFC 69: St. Pierre-Serra in Houston?

Matt Serra (7-4) isn't going to budge until he gets what is rightfully his:

The next crack at UFC Welterweight Champion, Georges St. Pierre (12-1).

The Brazilian jiu-jitsu wizard from Long Island earned a fight with the Canadian by winning the welterweight championship during the fourth season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) reality series on Spike television.

It worked out to be a golden opportunity for the thirty-two-year old MMA veteran to leapfrog the talented pool of 170-pound fighters waiting in line for a title shot.

However, news broke yesterday that St. Pierre tweaked his knee training in New Mexico and needs at least four weeks to recover — not enough time for him to be ready for the scheduled showdown with Serra at UFC 67 on February 3.

So, when St. Pierre was forced to withdraw, it was unclear whether or not Serra would stay on the card and fight a last-minute fill-in or wait until the champ receives a clean bill of health.

According to, Serra has chosen the smarter of the two options.

Here's a snip from "The Terror:"

"You know anything can happen in this sport. I could slip on a banana peel and lose that title shot I earned. No. I'm seeing this one through. Win, lose or draw, I fight St. Pierre next."

The silver lining: With this decision, it ensures that we don't have to sit through 15 minutes of foot stomps and Monica Seles-like grunts.

I think it's not only smart, but also great news for us fans.

And with the UFC 68 card on March 3 looking almost complete, we'll probably get to see the fight on April 7 in Houston, Texas.

All of this makes me wonder whether or not GSP even needs both knees to handle Serra.

I guess he, too, doesn't want to take any silly risks.

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