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UFC 67: Sliva vs. Lutter

ufc 67

The UFC design team prowess was once again on display amidst the fallout of the Georges St. Pierre knee injury, which forced the welterweight champion to withdraw from his upcoming bout with Matt Serra at UFC 67.

Apparently, in their haste to remove St. Pierre from their marketing materials the brainiacs forgot one small detail:

Speel check. Or is it spell check?

I work for a dotcom, so I'm rather familiar with the staging process and going live with a new banner or addition to a Web site.

I've come to the conclusion that these guys and gals must be either under tremendous pressure or are simply incompetent to allow a blatant misspell like this to make its way onto -- it's as clear as day!

And, after the holiday email disaster, I'm leaning toward the latter.

Thanks to James for sending over the banner.

One more thing: How on Earth does Eddie Sanchez get his name on a UFC banner ... Eddie Sanchez!

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