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Jon Fitch looks at UFC return in March

jon fitch ufc fighter

UFC welterweight fighter Jon Fitch (12-2) is still recovering from the broken nose he suffered during his dominant victory over Kuniyoshi Hironaka (10-3) at UFC 64 on October 14.

He can't spar or return to action until he receives medical clearance. However, he is looking to return to the Octagon in March.

Here's a blend of two recent blog posts from his MySpace page:

I am mostly just training light right now. I broke my nose in my last fight and I have to let it heal before I can spar again. So it looks like I won't fight till March... I'll need to start busting my ass again soon. [I'm having] fun this week because I know what I will be doing for the next 2 months -- preparing to pick another opponent apart.

Fitch is perhaps the most talented fighter who UFC fans know the least about.

The former Purdue University wrestling team captain hasn't lost a fight since 2002. And since his UFC debut in 2005, he's out pointed Brock Larson (19-1), choked out Josh Burkman (7-3) and beaten up Thiago Alves (10-3), in addition to his unanimous decision over Hironaka.

He's a perfect 4-0 in the Octagon and currently riding an 11-fight win streak.

Up until the Hironaka match, the UFC failed to air Fitch's matches. But, with a resume like his, which also includes victories over UFC fighters Jeff Joslin (5-3) and Shonie Carter (34-16-7), we're probably going to see a lot more of the American Kickboxing Academy star in 2007.

He's at the top of the food chain in a stacked 170-pound division.

If Fitch does return to action in March, we can expect to see him at UFC 68.