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Some UFC 66 payouts and salaries

Normally, we don't get to find out what the fighters earn for their sacrifices in the Octagon until after the shows are over., however, has obtained the official compensation for three of the nine bouts on the December 30 card:

Chuck Liddell -- $250,000 (no win bonus)
Tito Ortiz -- $210,000 (no win bonus)

Note: Both Liddell and Ortiz are expected to share a percentage of PPV proceeds.

Forrest Griffin -- $16,000 / $16,000
Keith Jardine -- $7,000 / $7,000

Andrei Arlovski -- $90,000 / $55,000 win bonus
Marcio "Pe de Pano" Cruz -- $5,000 / $5,000 win bonus

Do you think "Pe de Pano" also gets a kick in the nuts after the fight with that chump change? Holy smokes.

As for Chuck and Tito, these guys are fixing to make a killing from the PPV proceeds -- even if it doesn't reach 1.2 million buys as predicted.

I guess that's what happens when the "#1 and #2" light heavyweights in the world go head-to-head.

Right, Tito?

We'll update the other purses once available.

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