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Celebs dig UFC

Jaime Pressly

Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes and rockstars are fixtures at sporting events.

Whether it's Jerry Seinfeld donning a Mets cap at Shea Stadium or Jack Nicholson grimacing courtside at the Staples Center, the cameramen and booth announcers just love to point out the well-known fans in the stands.

The UFC has its share of famous faces in the crowd, too.

I'll never forget the stunned look on Jaime Pressly's face when Joe Lauzon dropped Jens Pulver in round one at UFC 63.

What, can you blame me?

Anyway, Dave Meltzer from today provided the Los Angeles Times with the seven biggest celebrity UFC fans.

Here's his list:

–Michael Clark Duncan is a real fan in that he's at shows all the time."

– Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Rock has just started going but unlike all the other celebrities, he comes at 5 p.m., watches every prelim match, studies it. Good friends with Tito Ortiz. Used to wrestle Ken Shamrock when both were in WWE. Legitimately big fan."

– Shaquille O'Neal said his favorite athlete is Randy Couture, a former UFC champion.
– Tim Duncan. He grew up as a big pro-wrestling fan and is part of the big migration of WWE to UFC.
– Jason Statham. I know he's been at a lot of the shows.
– Cindy Crawford has been to many shows.
– Kevin James is a legitimate fan. Also at many shows.
– Addendum: "Paris Hilton and Mike Tyson are often at shows, Juliette Lewis (huge Chuck Liddell fan), the Undertaker I've seen. Eric Clapton in Japan but I haven't seen him at a UFC show."

Wait, Jenna Jameson doesn't make the cut? What about Deuce Bigalow?


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