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UFC knockout: Yves Edwards stuns Josh Thomson

Last night on "Inside the UFC,�? Joe Rogan kicked off the show with the top five leg kicks of 2005-2006. In case you missed it, the highlights included:

5. David Loiseau's spinning back kick to the liver of Charles McCarthy at UFC 53
4. Tim Sylvia nearly decapitating Tra Telligman at UFC 54
3. Brandon Vera punting Justin Eilers at UFC 57
2. Anderson Silva taking out Rich Franklin at UFC 64
1. Georges St. Pierre shocking Matt Hughes at UFC 65

The clip that takes the cake, however, is Yves Edwards clipping Josh Thomson at UFC 49 with an amazing flying leg kick that came out of nowhere.

It's an awesome knockout. So awesome, we feel the need to eternalize it on this site:

Man, talk about getting "punked.�? (Sorry for the cheese, we couldn't resist.)

To watch the entire episode of "Inside the UFC" on click here.

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