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Matt Hughes praises the Lord for his loss

Despite the swirling rumors about retirement and his lackluster performance against Georges St. Pierre at UFC 65, former welterweight champion Matt Hughes wants a rubbermatch.

Here's a snip from his blog:

... I've already talked to the UFC about getting a rematch sometime and they said that's fine. I don't know when that will be or if I will fight anyone before that, but I anxiously await a rematch with Georges because I just think I can do so much better.

Um, well the last part of that sounds accurate -- he couldn't have done much worse, right?

We get the feeling that Hughes is a "glass half-full" kinda guy.

Kidding aside, it's good to hear that Hughes is already looking to redeem himself. He's an incredibly talented fighter and former champion who has all the tools to beat St. Pierre.

The question is whether or not those tools have passed him by, or St. Pierre's tools are just that much better -- or both.

According to the UFC 65 post-fight press conference, Dana White wants to hold St. Pierre-Hughes 3 in Montreal, Canada.

Talk about stacking the deck.

Best of luck, Matt.


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