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UFC TUF 4 payouts

Live in a house with 16 dudes without any music, movies, television or family/female interaction for six weeks. Do nothing during this time but train and get beat up for one chance at a title shot.

How much is it all worth?

Well, for Travis Lutter and Matt Serra – middleweight and welterweight The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 4 champions, respectively – it was certainly well worth the sacrifice.

Both received six-figure UFC bonuses, cars, bling and other swank.

But what about the rest of the pack?

Thanks to, we now know what each fighter brought home:

Travis Lutter: $110,000
Matt Serra: $110,000
Chris Lytle: $10,000
Patrick Cote: $10,000
Jorge Rivera: $20,000
Din Thomas: $20,000
Edwin Dewees: $10,000
Rich Clementi: $10,000
Scott Smith: $20,000
Pete Spratt: $20,000
Charles McCarthy: $20,000
Martin Kampmann: $15,000
Jeremy Jackson: $10,000
Pete Sell: $10,000
Gideon Ray: $10,000
Thales Leites: $3,000

All told, the UFC ponied up $408,000 for the entire TUF 4 fighter payroll

With the exception of Kampmann and Leites – the only two fighters on the card not from TUF 4 – it appears that payouts were even-Steven.

From an exposure and experience point of view, TUF 4 was probably invaluable. The payout amounts, however, are an entirely different animal.

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