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UFC news round up

There are a lot of good UFC news articles and blog posts out there today, especially with The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 4 Finale airing tomorrow night on SpikeTV.

So rather than pick just one, we're going to provide you with all of them and let you decide which ones you want to read: "Rockin' the Octagon: UFC sweeping the nation"

Miami Herald: "Serra to meet Lytle in Saturday's The Ultimate Fighter 4: The Comeback finale" "Awesome Pre-UFC 65 Brandon Vera Interview" [Part 1] "Awesome Pre-UFC 65 Brandon Vera Interview" [Part 2] "UFC Continues to expand its presense" "The Ultimate Fighter Season 4 Finale Preview"

Newsday: "Can't take the fight out of this Long Islander" "Thales Leites ready for UFC debut" "The Weekly Tapout: Clash of ideologies"

We'll continute to update these throughout the day.

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