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Bisping UFN fight is off

Michael BispingAccording to a message board post from UFC light heavyweight Eric Schafer on, his much anticipated bout with Michael "The Count" Bisping on November 11 has been postponed because of "passport, visa-type issues."

This is the furthest thing from a trusted source, and rarely do we post message board material, but it is certainly something not outside the realm of possibility.

UPDATE: confirms that the fight is off. Here is a snip from Schafer:

"... the fight is officially 100% off [as of] this morning. They were not expecting such a problem obviously ... I guess they could not solve it on such short notice. There is no replacement [due to the timing], but they do plan on a match between Bisping and me rescheduled for December."

What a disappointment, which begs the question: Aren't these issues forseeable and can't something be done to avoid them?

This is not the first -- and probably not the last -- time the UFC has run into this problem. Bisping, however, is a big draw. So, this will hopefully change the way in which the UFC approaches these situations in the future.

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