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Commission calls off White-Ortiz boxing match

It appears that the Nevada State Athletic Commission had a little something to say about the boxing showdown between UFC President Dana White and light heavyweight contender Tito Ortiz.

According to an article from the Boston Globe over the weekend, the three-round sparring session that was scheduled for last week has been postponed.

Here's a snip from Dana:

"[The Nevada State Athletic Commission] basically had issues with the weight difference -- Tito's 220 pounds, I'm 197. Tito also has a huge pro record, I have none. I'm 37 years old and was fat as hell six weeks ago."

Sounds fishy.

But, the clip mentions that White hired personal trainer and old pal – Jimmy Gifford from the L Street Boxing Club in South Boston – to get him ready for the bout. And, as reported at, it's all being captured by the Spike TV camera crew for a documentary about the two star crossed eccentrics.

Because Tito has a monster fight with Chuck Liddell on December 30 for the 205-pound belt, we will most likely have to wait until early 2007 to see him settle the score with his current boss.

Furthermore, when the fight does happen, it appears that it will indeed be aired on the Internet.

We'll let you know what happens next when we learn more.

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